Base Evolution 1
Wolftaur Brawler (1)
Wolftaur Brawler (2)
  • ATK: 1790
  • DEF: 1194
  • ATK: 2659
  • DEF: 1773
"I fight for the honor of my tribe. Well, that and for the sheer fun of it." Wolftaur warriors are able to slip into lands that others never could.
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Wolftaur Brawler (3)
Wolftaur Brawler (4)
  • ATK: 3933
  • DEF: 2626
  • ATK: 5615
  • DEF: 3744
"You better hope I finish you off before my pack arrives." "There is no such thing as a lone Wolftaur." - Tyreon saying

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