Base Evolution 1
Sun Striker 20
Sun Strikers work alone. In groups, they tend to melt everything around them.
  • ATK: 3266
  • DEF: 3015
"Yes, it does burn me. It burns my enemies so much more..." - Erik the Striker
  • ATK: 4882
  • DEF: 4507
- -
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Sun Striker 80
Sun Striker 160
"We are brief candles, but we burn the brightest." - Erik the Striker
  • ATK: 8116
  • DEF: 7492
"The sword sheared through my armor like it was butter. The wounds were cauterized as they were made." - Legless Topin
  • ATK: 15396
  • DEF: 14213
- -

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