• Kingdom: Iron Legion
  • Type: Dragon
  • Rarity:
  • Mana Cost: 13
  • Ability
    • Lava Blast [23%]
    • This card's opponent gets -10% Defense. This card has a 50% chance to affect adjacent cards.
Base Evolution 1
Stone Dragon (1)
Stone Dragon (2)
  • ATK: 2167
  • DEF: 1445
  • ATK: 3218
  • DEF: 2146
An angry rock can always be calmed with a snack of rubies and diamonds. Rock dragon eggs hatch only when heated to the temperature of magma.
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Stone Dragon (3)
Stone Dragon (4)
  • ATK: 4761
  • DEF: 3175
  • ATK: 6797
  • DEF: 4532
To fight a stone dragon, you better have a dragon of your own. Between a stone dragon and a hard place.

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