• Kingdom: Iron Legion
  • Type: Human, Warrior
  • Rarity:
  • Mana Cost: 5
  • Ability
    • Watch and Learn [26%]
    • If this deckhas an Elite Gladiator, this gets +20% Attack.

Base Evolution 1
Rookie Gladiator (1)
Rookie Gladiator (2)
  • ATK: 974
  • DEF: 942
  • ATK: 1447
  • DEF: 1399
"Win or lose, at least I'll be a stronger competitor!" "Beating you should help my rankings in the arena."
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Rookie Gladiator (3)
Rookie Gladiator (4)
  • ATK: 2140
  • DEF: 2069
  • ATK: 3055
  • DEF: 2953
"I've learned a lot fighting in the arena. Here, let me teach you a thing or two." "I never thought I'd become champion! My parents will be so proud."

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