• Kingdom: Corrupted
  • Type: Dragon
  • Rarity: ★★
  • Mana Cost: 15
  • Ability
    • Poison Blast [27%]
    • This card's opponent gets -20% Attack. This has a 35% chance to affect adjacent cards.
Base Evolution 1
Poison Dragon (1)
Poison Dragon2.1
  • ATK: 1932
  • DEF: 2560
  • ATK: 2870
  • DEF: 3803
"It can crush, slice, and poison you at the same time." - Grupp the Tracker

"His fangs are big enough. The poison just seems like overkill." - Yin Rex

Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Poison Dragon3.1
Poison Dragon4.1
  • ATK: 4246
  • DEF: 5626
  • ATK: 6060
  • DEF: 8030
It couldn't eat a living creature even if it wanted to. Side effects of stealing it's gold include liver failure, plague, and death.

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