• Kingdom: Darkstar
  • Type: Machine, Assassin
  • Rarity:
  • Mana Cost: 11
  • Ability
    • Killing Spree [27%]
    • If the enemy's leader card is level 20 or less, it gets -25% Attack and Defense.
Base Evolution 1
Mecha Soldier (1)
Mecha Soldier (2)
  • ATK: 1822
  • DEF: 1382
  • ATK: 2706
  • DEF: 2053
The first seventy three weapons were planned. The seventy fourth is just for fun. "Let's turn this thing on and see what happens." - Jyx Starshield
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Mecha Soldier (3)
Mecha Soldier (4)
  • ATK: 4003
  • DEF: 3037
  • ATK: 5714
  • DEF: 4335
What do you get when you cross a buzz saw with a hexstone? If you think this one makes a mess, you should have seen the first version.

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