• Kingdom: Iron Legion
  • Type: Hero
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Ability: Axe Tornado [13%]
    • All enemy cards get -10% Defense
Base Evolution 1
  • ATK: 3297
  • DEF: 2936
  • ATK: 4903
  • DEF: 4366
"We Dwarfs are slow, powerful creatures. Kolstorn the Quick is an aberration." - Jaeks of Strongkeep "That dwarf outran our cavalry." - Rider Kern
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
  • ATK: 7930
  • DEF: 7061
  • ATK: 13222
  • DEF: 11773
Kolstorn advanced, his twirling axe providing an impenetrable shield against the crossbow bolts raining down on him. It is said that Kolstorn held off the Ogre assault on Wyvern Valley alone for an hour before reinforcements arrived.

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