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  • Kingdom: Corrupted
  • Type: Human, Warrior
  • Rarity: ★★
  • Mana Cost: 12
  • Ability
    • Flesh Feast [45%]
    • If this cards opponent is a human, that card gets -40% Attack.
Base Evolution 1
Hunting Cannibal (1)
Hunting Cannibal2
  • ATK: 1822
  • DEF: 1963
  • ATK: 2706
  • DEF: 2916
It makes sense why there are no large cannibal clans if you think about it. In the wilds of Tyreon one man's funeral is another's buffet.
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Hunting Cannibal3
Hunting Cannibal4
  • ATK: 4003
  • DEF: 4314
  • ATK: 5714
  • DEF: 6158
"I prefer watching my men die to watching them get eaten." - Sir Byron Nutrients move through the food chain quickly in the Daemonlands.

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