• Kingdom: Iron Legion
  • Type: Dragon
  • Rarity: ★★★★★
  • Mana Cost: 28
  • Ability: Goldfire Blast [14%]
    • This card's opponent gets -40% defense.
    • This has a 30% chance to affect adjacent units.

Base Evolution 1
Great Gold Dragon 40
  • ATK: 6673
  • DEF: 4271
  • ATK: 9912
  • DEF: 6344
The golden carrier of righteous souls to the glorious light of ever after. Before the hexstones, before the war, there was the Great Golden Dragon.
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Great Gold Dragon 80
  • ATK: 14665
  • DEF: 9386
  • ATK: 20934
  • DEF: 13398
A single scale paid for all ten of Queen Vera's mansions. Even those he destroys find a strange comfort within his eyes.

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