Base Evolution 1
Ghost Lord 20
Ghost Lord 40
  • ATK: 4,318
  • DEF: 5,260
  • ATK: 6,424
  • DEF: 7,827
"The Ghost Lord was a king once.  He still battles for victory, even though he is dead." "Calling on the Ghost Lord is perilous.  If he approves the cause, he is a powerful ally.  If noot, he will destroy his summoner."
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Ghost Lord 80
  • ATK: 10,391
  • DEF: 12,660
  • ATK: 18,173
  • DEF: 22,141
"The Ghost Lord loves and hates the living world, and those who inhabit it.  He is a merciless opponent in combat." "When not in battle the Ghost Lord drifts silently about his old keep, deriving grim pleasure from frightening the castle staff."

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