Base Evolution 1
Cryonic Voidling (1)
Cryonic Voidling (2)
  • ATK: 613
  • DEF: 676
  • ATK: 910
  • DEF: 1004
Few know where the Voidlings come from, but most suspect it isn't from Tyreon. What do the voidlings do with the boidies of their frozen victims?
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
Cryonic Voidling (3)
Cryonic Voidling (4)
  • ATK: 1347
  • DEF: 1485
  • ATK: 1922
  • DEF: 2119
"Slee nex zeeree? Tylax oxu noz!!!"

"The Voidlings are our guests, and our future" - The Deciever

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