• Kingdom: Darkstar
  • Type: Machine
  • Rarity: ★★★
  • Mana Cost: 19
  • Ability
    • Blazing Cannons [19%]
    • If you are a Darkstar player, this gets +20% Attack and Defense.
Base Evolution 1
  • ATK: 3219
  • DEF: 2921
  • ATK: 4787
  • DEF: 4344
Last thing I remember is being bitten in half by an alligator, and when I woke up I was like this." -Laxarus "Yeah, some crazy alchemist found my body and fixed me up." -Laxarus
Evolution 2 Evolution 3
  • ATK: 7742
  • DEF: 7025
  • ATK: 12908
  • DEF: 11712
"I miss going up stairs and stuff, but at least I'm not dead." -Laxarus "The worst part is when I fought some goblins. I had bits stuck in my treads for weeks." -Laxarus

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