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Treasure cards are a special kind of card that are not used in standard deck building and battling. Instead they are each part of five card sets which can be redeemed for cards exclusive to set collection at the card forge. Every quest (except for the tutorial zone) has exactly one card from a treasure set which is associated with that particular region of the map. One thing to note is that while the treasures obtained in a given quest are always the same for any given player, the treasures are actually randomized on account creation so that each player has a different treasure card distribution. This randomization is intentionally set to ensure that no player will ever have all five pieces of a set within their version of the game. Therefore set collection can only be completed by engaging in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat in order to steal the remaining pieces from other players. Refer to the Battle section of the wiki to learn more about this process.

Below is the list of all available treasure sets, where they can be found, and the final reward for completing each set. All sets are listed in order of increasing rarity, with the first two cards from each set being 1 Star rarity, the second two cards being 2 Star rarity, and the final card being 3 Star rarity. Please note that unlike non-Treasure cards, these rarities only reflect the rarity of the card within its own set. As such, it is often the case that a 1 Star Treasure from a higher level zone will be significantly more rare than a 3 Star Treasure from a lower level zone.

Charm SetEdit

Location: The Forsaken Jungle
Reward: Gladiator Champion

Dragon Egg SetEdit

Location: Dragon Mountain
Reward: Gerrai

Dragon Treasure SetEdit

Location: Dragon Mountain
Reward: Miiska, Dragonslayer

Crystal SetEdit

Location: Glory Through Battle
Reward: Frost Battle Mage

Compass SetEdit

Location: Betrayal
Reward: Madness Demon

Elixir SetEdit

Location: Ancient Evils]
Reward: Crystalloid Juggernaut

Totem SetEdit

Location: Dragon's Lair
Reward: Llywellyn Redknife

Lens SetEdit

Location: Drowned!
Reward: Corrupted Titan

Tome SetEdit

Location: Blood on the Snow
Reward: Sizzlepixi

Hourglass SetEdit

Location: Into the Sky
Reward: Bo Bo

Talisman SetEdit

Location: Into the Mouth of Madness
Reward: Crypt Queen

Meteorite SetEdit

Location: The Godkiller
Reward: Battle Milkmaid

Sandglass SetEdit

Location: Castle Blackvale
Reward: Blackvale Inquisitor

Emerald SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Iron Orb

Amethyst SetEdit

Location: Unknown Reward: Darkstar Orb

Ruby SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Corrupted Orb

Nugget SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Golden Stone

Archer SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Burning League Archer

Commander SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Exo Commander

Demon SetEdit

Location: Unknown
Reward: Hunger Demon

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