Blood In The Snow  Edit

Treasure Set: Talisman

Stamina per attack: 4

Stamina per Boss engagement: 40

Experience gained per attack: 23

1: Arrive on the GlacierEdit

Gain your footing on the ice and repel the attackers.

Reward cards: Cruchmunch, Evil Carrot, Golden Hawk, Random Talisman

2: Hunt Down the Local BeastsEdit

The denizens of this glacier know of the Skypath. Find them.

Reward cards: Redknife Archer, Voidcaller, Chainer Huntress, Random Talisman

2.1: Free the EnslavedEdit

Strike the wretched from their chains and defeat their captors.

Reward cards: Stone Dragon, Moonlight Spy, Chainer Huntress, Random Talisman

2.2:Destroy the ExperimentsEdit

Release the Misbegotten Monsters from their unspeakable lives.

Reward cards: Wild Girl, Redknife Archer, Scrying Sage, Random Talisman

2.2.1: Punish the MastersEdit

Destroy the evil ones who enslaved and mutated their kin.

Reward cards: Cruchmunch, Wild Girl, Golden Hawk, Random Talisman

2.3:Uncover the SkypathEdit

Battle to the entrance and speak the forbidden word.

Reward Cards: Redknife Archer, Sasha Arcblade, Chainer Huntress, Random Talisman

3: Interrogate the BeastsEdit

The beasts are reluctand to talk. Convince them.

Reward Cards: Evil Carrot, War Crocodile, Scrying Sage, Random Talisman

4: Journey to the LaboratoryEdit

A laboratory of wicked experiments lies nearby. You must reach it.

Reward Cards: Exo Warrior, Spirit of the Lake, Golden Hawk, Random Talisman

5: Clear the SkypathEdit

Sweep away the defenders and make your way upwards.

Reward Cards: Evil Carrot, Farm Girl, Scrying Sage, Random Talisman

6: Boss BattleEdit

The Juggernaut blocking your path has never been defeated. Smash it to pieces

Reward Cards: **?,**?,***?, Random Talisman

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